What is the Group Term Life Insurance?

It is a very flexible one-year renewable Group Term Life Insurance which you can opt to be 24hours-worldwide in case your employees have a risk to life or total and permanent disability.

Group Term Life Insurance

“Group Term Life just, Boost your employees’ PRODUCTIVITIES and LOYALTIES”

Features of the plan

  • Coverage period : 1 year and renew;
  • Payment mode : Single
  • Issued age : 18 to 64 years;
  • Opt to cover spouse and/or kids up to 4 persons;
  • Return premiums for uncovered period.

Benefits of the plan

  • Pay 100% of sum assured.

Why Group Term Life Insurance?

  • Show employer’s care to not only employees but also their families;
  • Become a standardized company;
  • Very affordable price.

Illustrated Example:

Camroth Company of 20 insured members of an organization:

  • Age (s) : [18-64]
  • SA amount : 5,000 USD
  • Coverage period : 1 year
  • Type of coverage : Death by accident & accident
  • Insurance premium payment : Single premium per person: 15.90 USD

Graph illustration


With the Group Term Life Insurance of Camlife:

– If the assured member passes away during coverage period, the Company will pay death benefit of 5,000 USD to beneficiary; – If a member quits protection after 90 days from effective date, the Company shall return uncovered period premium based on pro-rate =(15.90/365 x 275) = 11.98 USD (Premium per day x numbers of uncovered day).

This is just an illustrated example, not a contract.