What is the Simple Life Insurance Plan?

Simple Life is a life insurance plan which provides life protection in case of life assured risks to life due to all kinds of causes.

Simple Life

"Life Insurance has never been this simple"

Features of the plan

  • Issued age : 18 to 50 years of age;
  • Payment mode : Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily*;
  • Coverage period 1 year with auto renewal.

*Daily payment can only be done though Cellcard phone balance deduction.

Benefits of the plan

  • Pay the Percentage of Premium Collected of sum assured.

Why Simple Life Insurance Plan?

  • You are a father/mother responsible for your family;
  • Your family is financially safe even if you are not around;
  • Your kids’ future is guaranteed;
  • Work for your dream without any fear;
  • Very affordable price.

Illustrated Example:

Mr. Camroth, 35 years old. He buys the Simple Life insurance plan, SA 5,000. He will be shortly protected by a life insurance policy from Camlife. Premium payment:
Payment Mode Premium Amount (1$=4000R)
- Daily400 Riel or 0.08 USD
- Monthly10.000 Riel or 2.50 USD
- Quarterly 30.000 Riel or 7.50 USD
- Semi-annually 60.000 Riel or 15.00 USD
- Annually 120.000 Riel or 30.00 USD
Payment Mode Premium Amount (1$=4000R)


With the Simple Life insurance plan of Camlife:

  • 1. If Mr. Camroth passed away PPC = 100%, his family would get 5,000 USD less admins fee of $10.
  • 2. If Mr. Camroth passed away PPC = 75%, his family would get = (75% x 5,000) – 10 (admin fee) = 3,740 USD.
  • 3. If Mr. Camroth passed away PPC < 25%, claim shall NOT be paid.

This is just an illustrated example, not a contract.